Dried Mixed Mushroom Morsels
Forest Mushrooms screens all the dried mushrooms that go into our one ounce and bulk packs.  The crumbs are collected and now we are offering them for sale in one half and  one  pound jars.These Mixed Mushroom Morsels are equal amounts of dried porcini, shiitake, maitake, portobello, champignon, lobster, and chanterelle mushrooms.  The aroma is so very good.  Enjoy as a flavorful addition to  soups, casseroles, rubs, and whatever else comes to mind.
$ 37.50
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Customer Reviews

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Tina Toglia (Utica, US)

The absolute best dried mushrooms.

Esther Ficke (Pleasant Prairie, US)
Love these!

I am always trying to fit in more mushrooms and mushroom variety for our family meals. I can add these to so many dishes, and I love that they don't even need to be chopped up. They add a wonderful flavor and texture. I use them as a thickener for sauces all of the time! I don't ever rehydrate them - I just through them in soups, stews, sauces, casseroles... you name it! GREAT PRODUCT!

RC (Minneapolis, US)
Versatile mixed mushroom morsels

I add these to rice, or stews or whatever needs a flavor boost, it works because they are so clean -no sand no bugs. This is my second purchase of this item.

Brianne Foster (Alexandria, US)

Exactly what I needed!

Ken Keeley (Cottage Grove, US)
Dried Mixed Mushroom Morsels - yum!

I purchased a 1# container of the dried mixed mushroom morsels and am quite pleased with range of flavors and textures in these bits of dried fungi. I rehydrated a 1/2 cup of them to add to a butternut squash and mushroom soup, and they really pushed it to the next level with a deeper mushroom flavor than the fresh white button and portabellas I added. Also made a mushroom stroganoff with the same approach and was quite happy with the result. As a vegan I’m always on the lookout for ways to deepen flavor profiles and get more umami - these really do the trick!