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Oregon Black Truffles

Oregon Black Truffles</h1><br>November-February

Oregon black truffles grow underground in the great fir forests of the Pacific Northwest. They are part of a complex three-way symbiotic relationship between the fir trees, forest rodents called voles, and the truffles. The truffle helps to provide minerals from the soil to the trees, the voles eat part of the truffles and spread them through the forest, and the truffle obtains nutrients from the trees. These truffles have a pungent aroma that has been described as pineapple-like, or carob-like, but a mild flavor; it is the aroma more than the flavor that makes the truffle so desirable!

Before using, lightly rinse the truffles, pat dry with paper towels, brush use a soft basting brush or mushroom brush, and carefully pick out any dirt and mold in the nooks and crannies with the tip of a knife. Don’t cut the truffles until you’re ready to use them, as they lose aroma rapidly. The wonderful aroma of the truffle can be destroyed by heat; we recommend adding truffles late or at the end of the cooking process. Simply shave them raw over your favorite dish like risotto, mashed potatoes, or even scrambled eggs. Often chefs will use truffle oil during cooking, and then add truffles at the end.

The Oregon truffle season is from November through February.

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