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Great service as always

Prompt, professional service, quality product.

Great combo

Great value in US grown mushrooms!

Beautiful mushrooms!

I was so impressed with the quality of the shiitake and other mushrooms I purchased! They look perfect, no blemishes and smell divine! I will definitely be filling my pantry with future purchases! Oh, and they are so helpful and personable at Forest Mushrooms! P.S. I live in northern Canada and am grateful to have found Forest Mushrooms ❤️

Morel mushrooms

Delicious! The best morels ever!

Slippery Jack purchase

Absolutely delighted to have found you and your mushrooms. Been looking for dried Slippery Jacks for a long time. And our first pot of stew with them - - oooh, Mommy! They tasted divine. All the best to you.

Dried Shiitake Organic USA Mushrooms, whole (bulk)

US Grown Shitake!

I refuse to buy foods from China, too many sleights-of-hand, and too much pollution of air, irrigation water and soil. Was delighted to find Forest Mushroom. The dried shitake are flavorful and of good quality. Lovely for winter soups, stews, grain dishes.

Very satisfied

We ordered a couple of blends (forest mushrooms and woodland mushrooms) as well as some whole shitakes. We're working with trying to prepare them in a way that give a texture somewhat resembling meat, as we are vegetarian but miss the chewier texture of meat in dishes. So far we have tried the forest mushrooms, and they were just excellent. We soaked for only 10 minutes, and saved the broth. When cooking, we squeezed out the excess water and cooked them in the sauce. They came out just wonderful, in my opinion: flavorful and with a chewiness that was just what we were seeking.
The mushrooms were large sizes and very clean. So happy to have this wonderful organic product to work with. Thank you.


Choice selection. Whole uniform pieces only. Delicious taste

Very high quality shiitake mushrooms.

Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms, shredded (bulk)

Arrived on time and my items looked wonderful.

Dried Shiitake Organic USA Mushrooms, whole (bulk)

The Freshest and The Best

I am a new customer and use shiitake mushrooms as part of my wellness plan. These dried organic shiitakes are tasty right out of the bag! I will be sure to order more as needed. No more imported questionable sources for me. Forest mushrooms are truly the best!

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, sliced

Good product

It’s reassuring to get mushrooms grown in the USA They taste great and are free of harmful chemicals

Good Stuff

Showed up super fast, was exactly as advertised, was fresh

nice fresh mushrooms

been looking for organic shitake that's not from china and am glad I found these -product of USA!

Hazel from Ireland

I was so happy to finally come across organic shiitake mushrooms grown in America. For the last while I have only been able to find Chinese shiitake and they always seemed flat to me. But these mushrooms from Forest Mushrooms taste marvellous. Even before I tasted them I could see visually they were a far superior mushroom and of a much higher standard. So I am a very happy customer and will keep buying from Forest Mushrooms. I would highly recommend any mushroom lover to buy these over any Chinese versions. You will notice the difference immediately.

Great quality, great service!

Great quality product, packaged well and shipped to one of the most remote corners of the world quickly with clear progress reports!


Fantastic no longer have to run to store ! Ready for any mushroom recipe!

Good Mushrooms fair prices