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Yummy Hens of the Forest!!

Got my pound of Maitake mushrooms quickly and have been once again enjoying them. Thank you for this beneficial and TASTY addition to my diet!!

Best mushrooms!

I love using Forest Mushrooms dried mushrooms. My favorite are the shiitake. The quality is superb and I feel the price is very reasonable. I even use the Shiitake in my oatmeal some mornings! YUM. Thank you for such wonderful products.

Culinary enhancement

Adds more flavor to every dish I've made.porcini powder added to all mashed potatoes.sweet&white.


Thank you for the excellent mushrooms and quick delivery!

High quality, reasonably priced

Glad to find such delicious mushrooms produced in the the US

Not yet used sp can't speak on taste or quality.. Wish they were all large.

Great Dehydated Mushrooms

I order 3 different packs of dehydrated mushrooms and they are amazing! I don't have a scale at home but I really think they sent me more than I ordered. Super pleased with the quality and shipping.

Lovely mushrooms

The mushrooms arrived super fast and all look absolutely wonderful, nice small sizes and nicely dried. I vacuumed sealed them in small batches so I can keep them freshest. Looking forward to my mushroom lentil loaf recipe I will be using them for.

Have bought twice

Beautiful dried mushrooms, good service. Recommended!

Great mushrooms / great company

I have been buying dried bulk mushrooms for years and just by chance came across your company. It is by far the best! Keep up the good work and quality.
Remember, customer service is the key to any successful business.

Good if Rehydrated Properly

I bought the Shitake Mushrooms to add to broth as a health measure. I had been using fresh mushrooms but was afraid they would go bad before I could use them and decided to try the dry ones. Once I followed the instructions correctly and then cut the mushrooms into small pieces they were pretty good. I don't have to worry about them going bad and make enough to last 5 or 6 days. These are the only dry mushrooms I have tried so I can't compare them to others but I am satisfied with my purchase.

Excellent mushrooms!!!

Very please with this mushrooms.


Thanks for the organic shitake mushrooms, the price was good and delivery quick.
We have already started using them in our Miso soup, they are delicious!
Thanks again!!

Excellent source for dried mushroom products

Have purchased numerous items from Forest Mushrooms over the last several years. Have always been happy with the rapid shipping and the quality of the mushrooms.

Good quality, owner was helpfull and honest, arrived within 4 days for normal shipping to Florida.

I will make my mushroom lasagna on Wed. Get back to ma after that.
Thanks ,

Dried Porcini Premium Mushrooms (bulk)

They look good. I am about to make my mushroom lasagna for Thanksgiving; ask me after then.
S. Finkelstein

Return Customer

We are a large natural market and commercial kitchen, these guys have a great product and very dependable shipping.

Excellent product, great price

I use these daily in stir fry/sautéed veg dishes. Breaking them up with my fingers and adding first w/ a little water, they rehydrate quickly and add a lot of flavor as well as all their anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Great service as always

Prompt, professional service, quality product.

Great combo

Great value in US grown mushrooms!

Beautiful mushrooms!

I was so impressed with the quality of the shiitake and other mushrooms I purchased! They look perfect, no blemishes and smell divine! I will definitely be filling my pantry with future purchases! Oh, and they are so helpful and personable at Forest Mushrooms! P.S. I live in northern Canada and am grateful to have found Forest Mushrooms ❤️