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easy to order, quick shipping, great product, will order again

easy to order, quick shipping, great product, will order again


Great price. Arrived quickly.


The best products ever. Great mushroom powder which made wonderfully rich cream of mushroom soup, along with the dried mushroom mix. Will buy again.


Very tasty

What a wonderful resource; great people, great products, great value!

I have been ordering a wide range of dried mushrooms from Forest Mushrooms over the past year or so. The owner, Kevin, is attentive, responsive, and very generous. I don't think that I have ever dealt with a mail order firm where I felt as though I was part of the family.

I have ordered several versions of the dried porcini mushrooms, the No. 1 grade, the premium imported version, and the premium domestic version. All three were excellent values. A local market that I used to buy from now charges $80/lb for their premium porcini mushrooms. Forest Mushrooms provides so much better a deal that I can use the mushrooms much more frequently. Of the three grades of porcinis, I have a preference for the premium domestic version. Others may prefer the imported version or find that the regular No. 1 grade is sufficient for their needs. I'm happy to splurge on something like this.

Although this request for feedback was focused on the porcinis, let me just say that the lobster mushrooms are just fantastic, and that I regularly use the shredded wood ears, the stir-fry blend, and the blue ribbon blend. The slippery Jack mushrooms are great in stews and braises with long cooking times. The matsutakes are great additions to rice made in a rice cooker. I could go on. I tend to buy multiple half pound lots of a variety of mushrooms. Over time I hope to try several more varieties that are not available in dried or fresh form where I live. I can't say enough positive things about the buying and eating experiences.

Love all the dried mushrooms

This is a very good company. Fast shipping, great selection, and fair pricing!

Dried Shiitake Organic Mushrooms, whole (bulk)

Really good!

I use this in a salt blend. Love that fact that I don't have to grind the dried mushrooms. Fast delivery and easy to use site. Will order again.

Good value.

Great variety. I got tired of buying fresh and having them go off if I couldn't use them in time. Fab solution.


Of the 4-5 types I purchased....135 days now wow.
I've tried the oyster, I like them. I got kind of busy & the initial cooking enthusiasm energies were needed elsewhere for a while.
Fully intend on getting into this like I'd planned.
If you have time & you think I may be getting to an "experation" date, on the sizable mushroom order I placed last year, please e mail me. I've kept them in zip lock & your boxes on a steel wire shelf in my kitchen. Sort of thinking dry & room temperature they'll
Keep quite well for years +-.?!?. I'm sure the other mushrooms are going to be quiet nice also.

Nice product

My cloud ear mushrooms are great, they arrived in excellent condition and am
very happy with me purchase

made a great soup

Almost like picking the fresh mushrooms in the spring


We have been very pleased with the great quality of the mushrooms we’ve purchased, the affordability, and the prompt service—thank you for the service you provide!

Wonderful Mushrooms

Great products at an amazing price. I made a wild mushroom soup that was to die for. The powdered mushrooms and whole dried mushrooms added a depth of flavor to my favorite mushroom soup recipe. Will buy again.

Terrific mushrooms

All of the dried mushrooms sold by Forest Mushrooms are terrific.

Dried Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

Very tasty and good value!

Love the Oyster Mushrooms!

Great product, fast shipping and will certainly be ordering again!!!

Organic Shiitake

Very fine mushrooms, outstanding flavor and texture. These shiitake are of the highest quality. Forest Mushrooms provides a range of outstanding mushrooms!

I love these mushrooms

I go in cooking cycles of using a lot of mushrooms to using just a little amount. So dried mushrooms is the way to go.

Dried Shiitake Organic Mushrooms, whole (bulk)

Awesome product:)

I ordered Slippery Jacks as well as Porcini mushrooms from Forest Mushrooms and they were far superior to any dried mushrooms I have ever purchased. I use dried mushrooms all the time with my cooking. The Slippery Jacks were the first to be used up and I am still working on the Porcini's as I ordered twice the amount of them. Both were fantastic and I will definitely be ordering more before my supply gets too low. Trust me, you will find no better than Forest Mushroom products.

Dried Morel Mushrooms