Gold Chanterelles – Mid-June to December

Gold Chanterelles – Mid-June to December

Gold chanterelles, also known as girolle (French) or pfifferling (German), are beautiful mushrooms with tapered stalks and a handsome orange color. They can be found growing among conifers and oak trees mid-summer to early winter. Chanterelles are harvested from many areas including Minnesota, Louisiana, central and eastern Canada and the Rocky Mountains. Their scent is often compared to apricots, and the taste is somewhat fruity and aromatic. The entire mushroom is edible, including the stem, and the texture is meaty and very tender.

Very familiar and popular in Europe, the chanterelle is paired well with eggs, poultry and seafood. It is also a great addition to stews and soups. Early in the season, chanterelles are small with a rolled-under cap; as the season progresses, they grow larger and the caps flare out to a trumpet shape. Chanterelles have an excellent shelf life of approximately 10 days, and can be frozen or dried for storage.

Harvest season for chanterelles is generally mid-June through December.

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