Dried Mixed Mushroom Morsels

Dried Mixed Mushroom Morsels
Forest Mushrooms screens all the dried mushrooms that go into our one ounce and bulk packs.  The crumbs are collected and now we are offering them for sale in one half and  one  pound jars.These Mixed Mushroom Morsels are equal amounts of dried porcini, shiitake, maitake, portobello, champignon, lobster, and chanterelle mushrooms.  The aroma is so very good.  Enjoy as a flavorful addition to  soups, casseroles, rubs, and whatever else comes to mind.
$ 37.50
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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Strong (Minneapolis, US)

I was looking for an affordable way to increase my nutrition, and found it. These are mighty tasty (wild mushroom stroganoff as well as adding umami directly to many sauces without chopping or otherwise processing), they provide nice variety and nutrition, they store well, and are cost effective. Way to go! I'll be ordering more of these.

John VanDorien (Wichita, US)
Nature's medicine!!!

The morsel mix has mushrooms that have a wide array of health benefits. I love putting them in a coffee bean grinder and turning them into a powder and adding them to food to add flavor and medicinal properties to help improve my health. Mushrooms are truly one of nature's greatest medicines. Thank you forest mushrooms inc for providing such a precious product and customer service. Sincerely John Vandorien.

Aleksandr Korneevskii (Sacramento, US)
You'll be surprised

There dozens of them in the tiniest pack, undamaged. Never tried them before, taste's kinda truffly. Frying them by themselves and lightly spiced was kinda underwhelming, letting them absorb a lot of sauce made it better, but generally, I assume, they should be incorporated into a bigger dish.

Sandra (Homer Glen, US)
Dream come true

I used to hunt for wild hen of the woods, but now I am too old for tramping in the forest. I found your company and ordered the mixed morsels. Wonderful! Every day I steep a few tablespoons of mushroom for my afternoon treat of sipping broth. Usually i add a bit of onion or vegetable boullion, but not too much, because the mushrooms provide plenty of flavor. When I am done sipping, I spoon out the mushroom crumbs from the bottom of the mug for a final treat. Thank you for this wonderful product. I am back in the woods again.

Tina Toglia (Utica, US)

The absolute best dried mushrooms.