Wood Ear Mushrooms

Wood Ear Mushrooms

Wood ear mushroom is commonly used in Asian dishes such as clear Asian soups and stir-fries. Perhaps the most common usage is in “hot and sour” soup, where the Wood Ear is visible as dark fleshy strips in the broth. The wood ear mushroom is a type of “jelly fungus” and is harvested either wild – where it grows directly from tree trunks – or from cultivated bags of sawdust, as it is commonly grown on farms in Asia. This mushroom is also commonly found in dried form, and when rehydrated it resumes almost the exact same texture as it had when freshly harvested.

There are several different types of wood ear commonly available; Forest Mushrooms stocks the best grade, which is a tan-colored wood ear fungus referred to as “cloud ear.” It is smaller and has a more desirable flavor than the larger, black-colored common “wood ear.” The flavor is mild and slightly musty flavored, and the texture remains firm and even a bit crunchy after cooking.

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