Wild mushrooms and spring greens seasons

Download  Harvest seasons chart for wilds and greens

Common Name                   Scientific Name                              Harvest Season
Morel                                     Morchella spp.                               March - July
Ramps (wild leeks)                                                                        April - May
Fiddlehead ferns                                                                           May - June
Gold chanterelle                  Cantharellus cibarius                    July - December
Lobster                                                                                            August - December
Chicken of the woods          Laetiporus sulphureus                 August - October
Puffball                                   Calvatia gigantea                           August - September
Hen of the woods                 Grifola frondosa                            September - October
Porcini                                     Boletus edulis                               Sept - Nov, April - May
Cauliflower                             Sparassis radicata                        October - November
Matsutake                               Armillaria ponderosa                   November - January
Truffles                                   Tuber spp.                                      November - February
Black trumpet                        Craterellus cornocopioides          December - March
Hedgehog                               Dentinum                                        December - March

Yellowfoot chanterelle         Cantharellus xanthopus                December - March

Wholesale customers:  Pricing on all wild harvested mushrooms and spring greens varies according to availability. We send wholesale customers our pricing updates as changes occur, generally each weekend for the following week. Please e-mail us at mail@forestmushrooms.com or call 320-363-7956 or 888-363-7957 for current prices. 

Certified mushroom expert:  Forest Mushrooms is a Minnesota Department of Agriculture certified mushroom expert, licensed to sell wild fresh and dried mushrooms to customers in Minnesota. While this certification is required by law, it is not uncommon to find unlicensed dealers active in this market.

Poisonous mushrooms:  Eating certain poisonous mushrooms can destroy the liver and lead to death. Others cause stomach flu, cramps, diarrhea, vomiting or nausea. An estimated 250 varieties of poisonous mushrooms grow in the wild. It is important that wild mushrooms be identified as safe to eat by a certified wild mushroom expert.