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Dried Organic European Shiitake Powder - 1 lb. bag

Dried Organic European Shiitake Powder - 1 lb. bag
We offer extra fine organic European Shiitake mushroom powder, available in convenient bags for your pantry, each containing 1 pound (16 oz) of dried organic shiitake powder. This is a wonderful way to infuse your favorite dishes with the coveted flavor of shiitake! This powder is a product shiitake cultivated in France.
You can use this finely sifted powder to add a rich, nutty flavor to smooth, savory sauces or soups. Or sprinkle to taste as a seasoning on mashed or roasted potatoes. Make a delicious dry rub for steaks before grilling by mixing shiitake powder with coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great mushroom powders and speedy delivery.

La Kahina (Sebastopol, US)

I am so happy to have found Forest Mushrooms. The Shiitake powder is wonderful and vrey easy to use. The price is the best. Thank you Forest mushrooms.

Julie Levin (Martinez, US)
Milder (but safer) than Chinese Shitakes

I wanted to try shitake powder from the US or Europe to avoid the possible pesticide contamination in Chinese shitakes. I use them to create my own version of soy sauce, using Miso instead of salt for health reasons. Unfortunately, I'm not getting the same depth of flavor with these. I will try using a larger amount in my next batch and see if that makes a difference.

Lauren (Chicago, US)
Big bag

Looks good came in 2 half pound bags which is nice for freshness. A pound is about a gallon in volume. Equals 16 cans of canned mushrooms or 8 pounds fresh.

Khristina Jones (Chandler, US)
Taste Like Shiitake To Me

I'm a Shiitake fiend. So having a pound of it to swim in, is all so satisfying. I'm curious, however, if it's from Minnesota or from Europe by way of China. Either way, it's really good Shiitake. I smother it alll over my popcorn.