Dried Organic USA Maitake Mushrooms (Hen of the Woods)

Dried Organic USA Maitake Mushrooms (Hen of the Woods)

Maitake mushrooms form a tan to gray cluster of "petals" or fronds on a central stalk.  When growing in the wild at the base of oak trees they resemble a hen with ruffled feathers and are often know as the "Hen of the Woods".  Maitake mushrooms add a distinctively rich flavor to egg dishes, tempura, pasta sauces, soups, and stews.  Similar to shiitake mushrooms they are delicious paired with chicken. These organic Maitake mushrooms were grown, harvested, and dried in the USA.  

Maitake recipes

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Customer Reviews

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Roman Libov (New York, US)
Excellent quality

I’m really enjoying my mushrooms. Got some cordyceps militaris, the French Shiitake, and USA Maitake

Darienne Hetherman (Altadena, US)
Lovely Organic Mushrooms

Very happy with my order of Maitake and Turkey Tail mushrooms! Haven’t cooked with them yet but am looking forward to doing so!

Michael Leger (Chicago, US)
Deep flavor, very clean taste

I have made several dishes with these maitake mushrooms. The flavor is deep and very clean. No traces of any chemical or off flavors. I will be shopping at Forest Products from now on. It is great to know of a US organic source.

Bev Wagner (Mount Juliet, US)
Organic dried maitake

Excellent quality, beautiful flavor. Great job!

Doug Ito (Monterey Park, US)

Great flavor and aroma!