Dried Champignon Mushrooms

Dried Champignon Mushrooms
With their mild taste and firm texture, champignon or "white button" mushrooms are a favorite for gravies, sauces, cream soups, stir-fry recipes, pasta or rice dishes and casseroles. Order a pound of champignons to have at the ready in your pantry, and you'll be finding yourself reaching for them to enhance so many of your dishes!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
john w (Ontonagon, US)

First time buyer and I'm hooked. These mushrooms are delicious. I've tried many dried mushrooms over the years and I have to say the ones ordered from Forest Mushrooms are my favorites. Great tasting , timely delivery, and well priced!

Joel (New York, US)
Beautiful Delicate Flavor Must Buy!

Great Experience With Forest Mushrooms!
Excellent Quality!

Gayle Asano (Salisbury, US)
Flavorful Mushrooms

I’m extremely happy with my purchase of Champignons mushrooms. They are easy to rehydrate and the concentrated flavor is exactly what I wanted. I’ve been recommending friends and family members purchase these.

kkshops20 (Sarasota, US)
Good Flavor and Quick Delivery

Arrived promptly. I ordered the 1/4 pound along with some smaller quantities of other varieties. Would have been 5 stars except about 25% of the bag consisted of pieces and powder. Had to pick through the bag to get decent sized pieces for mushroom gravy. They do have lots of flavor, as does the soaking liquid which was grest as part of the liquid for the gravy.

Tamara, Illinois (Springfield, US)
Perfect, as Expected

This is the first time I have ordered from Forest Mushrooms. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they shipped out. Dried Champignon Mushrooms are now a staple in my home. They stay fresh for a very long time, taste great, inexpensive and have environmentally friendly packaging. Thank you, Forest Mushrooms, we are going to be lifelong friends!