Dried USA Matsutake Mushrooms

Dried USA Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake are also known as pine mushrooms and are generally uncommon and somewhat difficult to come by. Prices and demand in Japan are very high, and many matsutake are exported from North America to the Japanese market. The matsutake has a delicate pine scent, and the taste is described as somewhat spicy.  Our dried Matsutake are top grade and very aromatic. These mushrooms are wild harvested and dried in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa (Waterville, US)
Great fresh mushrooms alternative

We love mushrooms and these dried ones are a great alternative to fresh ones. The rehydration process is very easy. I'll be buying dried, from now on.

Gloria Arel (Owens Cross Roads, US)
Worth every penny! Deliciousness and Nutritiously Delightful

I like the taste, texture and all the nutrition it gives. Food for the brain!
Keep up the great work Forest Mushroom.

Rick Hersom (Charlton, US)
Great Product

I have purchased dried Matsutake mushrooms from mother suppliers and thought their quality was good...until I received my first shipment from Forest Mushrooms. Incredible product. As were their Shitake mushrooms

Rosannmashe@gmail.com Ashe (Forest Hills, US)
I love these mushrooms!

The Matsutake are delicious and I use them in multiple recipes including soups, rice dishes and also in my home made bean patties. They have a lovely depth of flavor and also a nice toothy bite to them to add great texture to my dishes. Never ever mushy and always flavorful! Forest Mushrooms has great quality and terrific customer service. I am a bit fan!

Jason Diddy (Merced, US)
1st try of Matsutake shrooms

There are several mushrooms that don't agree with my particular inner system, happy to say the Matsutakes are good and gentle.