Dried Organic USA Shiitake Mushrooms, whole (bulk)

Dried Organic USA Shiitake Mushrooms, whole (bulk)
Prized for centuries in the Orient, the organic shiitake (pronounced she-TAH-keh) mushroom has a hearty flavor and meaty texture. Its Japanese name means "oak mushroom." Shiitakes are valued in Japan for their taste and heralded for their healthful effects. 
Organic shiitakes are delicious with baked fish, in omelets or in soups and stir-fry dishes. Try substituting rehydrated organic shiitakes for all or part of the beef in your favorite stroganoff recipe. These mushrooms are grown and dried in the United States and are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.  The stems of the mushrooms have been removed before drying and all you get is shiitake mushroom cap.  The cap size is variable.
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Customer Reviews

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What’s not to like? Felt like a splurge to spring for the organics but it would seem texture on the one hand n shelf life here in the sweltering tropic make me believe it was worth it!

Bonnie Gregory (Charlotte, US)
Wonderful Shiitake

Once shiitake's are rehydrated, I generally use them in stir fry. The texture is great as well as the taste. I especially like them stir fried with asparagus and or onions.

Eleanor Chlan (Middletown, US)
Looking good

The mushrooms arrived exactly as promised and look great. I am looking forward to using them.

Ioana Maior (Detroit, US)
Best ever!!

Best mushroom ever!! Tried dehydrated mushroom many times but never this good, amazing flavor considering they are dehydrated. Excited to try other products!

Chien-Yu Lin (Los Angeles, US)

Guality is good.delivery was fast.