Dried Organic USA Pom Pom (Lion's Mane) Mushrooms

Dried Organic USA Pom Pom (Lion's Mane) Mushrooms

Organic Pom Pom (Lion’s Mane): Pom Pom mushrooms look like big cotton balls. Because they have no stems, they are a perfect ball of dense, meaty mushroom. The flavor is mildly sweet.Their texture and ability to absorb butter and broth when cooked that makes them the perfect substitute for crab, lobster, or even veal.These organic Pom Pom mushrooms were grown, harvested and dried in the USA.

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Lion's Mane Mushroom Delight

Pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness and ease of rehydrating Lion's Mane mushrooms. With a little olive oil, garlic powder and umami seasoning (Trader Joe's carries Umami), these mushrooms are a true delicacy. Enjoy!!

Miriam Steinberg (Albuquerque, US)

Dried Organic USA Pom Pom (Lion's Mane) Mushrooms

Bev Wagner

Dried Organic USA Pom Pom (Lion's Mane) Mushrooms

miriam engel (Honolulu, US)
Great Quality

These are gorgeous and delicious mushrooms. I’ve been using them to make fake “crabcakes” and they’re a huge hit. Definitely affect your dreaming, though.

Tim (Saint Paul, US)
They’re fine

I’m happy with Forest Mushrooms. They provide great products. These Lions Mane are high quality dried Lions Mane. For what they are they are 5/5 but they don’t reconstitute into a form that is very useful. Many other varieties are tastier and a better texture when reconstituted. So a quality product but I think this species doesn’t lend itself to being dehydrated. Thus the 3 stars. Fresh Lions Mane are so good and these are expensive for how they turn out which is rather bland and not a great texture. Tried them in many ways.