Dried Oyster Mushrooms

Dried Oyster Mushrooms
Named for their delicate scalloped shape and subtle seafood-like flavor, oyster mushrooms have a wonderful aroma. They add an appealing shape and texture, as well as a sort of peppery flavor which comes from the uncooked enzymes in the mushrooms. Cooking mellows the flavor, lending them a meaty but tender texture. The versatile "tree oysters" enliven almost any pasta dish, stir-fry, stew or cream soup, and are delicious in omelets and other egg dishes, or as a topping to pizza or steak.
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Customer Reviews

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Karen Crowson (Kapaau, US)

They are the best dried mushrooms we've had.

Vladimir Vasilets (Queens, US)

Dried Oyster Mushrooms

Gerald Petschen (Inver Grove Heights, US)
great tastre


Mark G. (Kent, US)
Great mushrooms

I ordered a pound of the dried oyster mushrooms and I am impressed with the quality. I wanted to turn them into powder myself and when I reached out to the team they told me that they grow the mushrooms on hay or similar so there is no soil and mineral contact which keeps everything super clean.

Flavor is great and they make a great addition to my stocks and bases. Will buy from them again in the future. Fast, easy and high quality.

Todd Townsend (Orlando, US)
Always good stuff

Always good stuff. Thank you. Stock items for my boat pantry.