Dried Portabella Mushrooms

Dried Portabella Mushrooms
One can often find portabellas fresh in the markets offered as large caps for grilling whole. Portabellas are closely related to white button mushrooms. While similar in texture, portabellas are left to grow larger, allowing their caps to open and the spores in the gills to develop fully. This contributes to their intense, delicious flavor.
You can savor the full flavor anytime with these dried portabella slices. Serve in strips instead of chicken strips in a portabella Caesar salad or on pizza; sauté or stir fry with other vegetables and meats; or add to pasta, soups, sauces, casseroles and vegetarian dishes.
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Kala Mologne (Smithton, US)


Denise Tran (Aurora, US)
Assortment of dried mushrooms

Bough a couple of pounds od dried oyster, shitake, woodear and portobello mushrooms. They all arrived quick and clean. Tried oyster ans shitake. Tasted excellent and not dirty at all.

Lyle A. (Pacifica, US)
Mushroom Delite

I was looking for dried mushrooms on Amazon and Ebay. Prices were high and I searched the web and found Forest Mushrooms. Great prices and quick to deliver. I placed a second order and again a great experience. Now my place of choice for mushrooms.

steve fowler (Juneau, US)
Great price, Great mushrooms!

Ordered some dried portabellas, The post office made a mistake and scanned package as arriving instead of being shipped, called Forest Mushrooms and talked to a gentleman that took the time to look into it, contacting the post office and called me back explaining what happened, Thats Great Service!, Mushrooms arrived quickly and are delicious.

john w (Bruce Crossing, US)
great tasting portabella

Recently bought some portabella mushrooms from forest mushrooms, they arrived quickly and are absolutely delicious. As a first time buyer I am now a loyal customer.