Dried USA Turkey Tail Wild Mushrooms

Dried USA Turkey Tail Wild Mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms. Trametes versicolor. Wild harvested in the USA.
Turkey Tail is an herbal mushroom believed by some to have health benefits. Plenty of information on the various uses of Turkey Tail is available online. Because of its very tough and fibrous texture, Turkey Tail is traditionally prepared as a hot water extract product.
Turkey Tail is not intended to be eaten as a culinary mushroom!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I ordered 4 different types of mushrooms and this one apparently had termites because it was vacuum sealed and now there are termites in this bag with mushroom dust

HUverley Hernandez (Queens, US)
Turkey tail mushroom wild

Amazing and fresh use it for my evening tea let it boil for about 30 minutes and enjoy

Norma Jean Barker (Belleview, US)
The Best!

I really like the taste and I know they are so healthy. I highly recommend them to mushroom enthusiasts.

Eric Demitroff (Vineland, US)
Wildcrafted dried Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Best quality with good pricing.

Roger Paradis (Washington, US)
really good stuff

I got these because I have been reading about 10 in one ground mushroom powder but all the ones you can get on amazon are mostly mycelium, and I made own with these and it has really helped me.