Dried Oyster Mushrooms
Named for their delicate scalloped shape and subtle seafood-like flavor, oyster mushrooms have a wonderful aroma. They add an appealing shape and texture, as well as a sort of peppery flavor which comes from the uncooked enzymes in the mushrooms. Cooking mellows the flavor, lending them a meaty but tender texture. The versatile "tree oysters" enliven almost any pasta dish, stir-fry, stew or cream soup, and are delicious in omelets and other egg dishes, or as a topping to pizza or steak.
Oyster recipes
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Customer Reviews

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Beth Campbell (Keene, US)

Excellent Mushrooms and Great Value!

Rachel (Wappingers Falls, US)
Love these mushrooms

I have difficulty eating mushrooms because of a mannitol sensitivity and oyster mushrooms are the only mushrooms low in mannitol. Which of course means my local grocery stores don’t have them. Get this has been a game changer for me. All my favorite mushroom filled recipes are back. This mushrooms taste great and store easily. Shipping is super quick.

martin knight (Santa Barbara, US)

This is my first experience of dried mushrooms and I'm impressed. More flavor than store bought as well as more convenient to use. A good price too.

Prajna C (Fort Lee, US)
Dried Oyster mushrooms


Dr. Zaretski (Los Angeles, US)
Great deal!

Fast, inexpensive, great product! Ordered a pound of dry shrooms, vacuumed packed into individual 8oz vacuum bags, froze. Sweet deal!