Dried Organic Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Dried Organic Turkey Tail Mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms. Trametes versicolor. Certified USDA organic.

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Customer Reviews

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christopher austin (Shohola, US)
just what I oredered

they are beautiful and taste good in tea

Rosangela de Azevedo (Fort Myers, US)
I enjoying my tea

Bought it because my dog is fighting hemiosarcoma. I am taking it too. I feel better. I am More energetic, not crazy hungry as before. I have only good words for Forest Mushrooms! I am coming for more!

David Auzenne (Woodland, US)

They were delivered in good condition. The size of the dried turkey tails were perfect. A little expensive but the amount of gas it takes to find them makes a better deal. I'll admit I haven't read about your co. but your picture of MN gives the impression of no pollution. Thank you

alan giorchino
thank you! best quality I've ever found

very clean and well-trimmed (no bits of root or bark like other sellers). I simmer about an ounce with an ounce or so of
reishi (ganoderma lucidum) also add 1/2 ounce of sliced ginger in a gallon of water, cook for about an hour or more then strain and refrigerate. very happy to have found a really good source of these and other mushrooms.

Bill Collins (Bath, US)

Instead of chopping them for tea I cut them with scissors. Add honey. Taste reminds me of summer. Very nice.