Organic dried mushrooms

Dried Organic USA Maitake Mushrooms (Hen of the Woods)

Dried Organic USA Maitake Mushrooms (Hen of the Woods)

Maitake mushrooms form a tan to gray cluster of "petals" or fronds on a central stalk.  When growing in the wild at the base of oak trees they resemble a hen with ruffled feathers and are often know as the "Hen of the Woods".  Maitake mushrooms add a distinctively rich flavor to egg dishes, tempura, pasta sauces, soups, and stews.  Similar to shiitake mushrooms they are delicious paired with chicken. These organic Maitake mushrooms were grown, harvested, and dried in the USA.  

Maitake recipes

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Customer Reviews

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DL (Waynesville, US)
Very pleased

Great people, great tintures and fairly priced. They went out their way to please. Shipping was fast.

Don B (Minneapolis, US)
Love Maitake Mushrooms

These Maikake mushrooms are great. They rehydrate faster than shiitakes which is nice and are great with scrambled eggs.

LF (Cleveland, US)
Top quality

Delicious top quality mushrooms right here! I wanted to buy mushrooms in bulk cause they’re so expensive at stores for different varieties and I haven’t been able to go hunting for them yet in the wild. I opened the bag and it smelling like a delicious mushroom pizza. I’ll be buying from here again.

Anne White (Folsom, US)
USA Maitake Mushrooms are great.

Many Thanks to Kevin Doyle for quickly answering all my questions about the mushrooms (very open and informative) that helped me to select best products for me. Very customer oriented service. I am very pleased with the USA Maitake Mushrooms, taste great, easy to prepare and very clean. Enjoy it every bites.

Eric H (Troy, US)
Top Quality

Fast shipping. Excellent mushrooms! Really appreciate the organic option. Will order again.