Organic dried mushrooms

Dried Organic USA King Trumpet Mushrooms

Dried Organic USA King Trumpet Mushrooms

Organic King Trumpet Mushroom (also known as King Oyster):  The King Trumpet  mushroom has a firm and meaty texture, and is characterized by its thick stem, short gills, and tender flesh. King Trumpets have a mild and elegant flavor and are delicious in meat, fish, and pasta dishes. It is recommended to cook them slowly for the most tender results. The use of butter in cooking helps to bring out their exceptional flavor. If you are looking for a meat-free dish, King Trumpet mushrooms can be a great meat substitute in your favorite recipes. 

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Customer Reviews

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Kim G (San Simon, US)
Incredible texture and flavor

I'm so impressed with the King Trumpet mushrooms. I've eaten them fresh and thought they'd be worth trying dry - but I didn't have high hopes that they'd come close to the fresh ones.

To my shock, they DO! They are fantastic. We reconstitute them in hot water, then saute in butter. They are so good. They taste very similar to fresh ones. Great on pizza, too.

I'm placing these in my top three fav dried mushrooms now, along with shitaake and maitaake. My husband would put these with his dried favorites - shitaake and American porcini. These are well worth trying if you like any of those mushrooms.

If you've never had a King Trumpet before... they are unique to themselves, they don't taste like an oyster mushroom. I think they are more akin to American porcini, but better. And American porcini are great. But King Trumpets are in the awesome range.

Maddy (Sag Harbor, US)
King of our Pantry

Tasty mushrooms with a supple texture and fantastic broth that contribute unique flavor to endless recipes. Best dried version I have found. Love that they are organic & harvested in the USA. Quick delivery as well.

carol takaki (Florence, US)
Trumpet mushroom

I love the mushrooms, high quality and large slices. Highly recommend these mushrooms and the Forest Mushroom store. Excellent customer service and nice people. So glad I found them.