Organic dried mushrooms

Dried Organic Porcini European Mushrooms (bulk)

Dried Organic Porcini European Mushrooms (bulk)

Long a European favorite, this treasure of the autumn woods is known in Germany as the steinpilz and in France as the cepe. These wild Porcini are harvested in the Balkan states and certified organic by International Certification Services, Inc. Rehydrated porcini mushrooms add a smokey full-bodied flavor and meaty texture to sauces for pasta, chicken, rice, and potato dishes.

Porcini recipes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul Winkeller (Slingerlands, US)
Haven't cooked with them yet!

They look nice and once we cook with them we can review - our hope is that they have more robust flavor than domestic (US) sourced porcini. No longer will to buy Chinese cause their food system is not trustworthy.

Michael Leger (Chicago, US)
Tasty and delicious

Great quality and depth of flavor!

Maureen McMichael (Auburn, US)
Wonderful Umami flavor

I have tested these mushrooms against 2 other brands in a taste and smell test for my family. These win, hands down. They have an amazing smell and I use the broth to make soups and beans. I love them!

JF (Chicago, US)
Love These Mushrooms

Great quality and taste at a fair price!