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Dried Cloud Ear Mushrooms (bulk)

Dried Cloud Ear Mushrooms (bulk)
Cloud ear mushrooms are the best grade of wood ear mushroom. The cloud ear mushroom is smaller, tan-colored and has a more subtle and desirable flavor than the larger, black-colored common wood ear. The flavor is mild and slightly musty, and the texture remains firm and even a bit crunchy after cooking.
Currently available in bulk, starting at half a pound.
One pound of dried mushrooms rehydrates to an equivalent of about 8 to 10 pounds of mushrooms.
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Customer Reviews

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linda rudnick (Glenelg, US)


archie norman (Plantation, US)

This is a easy to cook mushroom; it has little to no flavor so will take on the flavor of whatever it's cooked w/, unlike other mushrooms seen here,
It does not as long to cook as others so it may lose some chewiness if cooked too long. Overall an average type, if flavor is a preference.

Lan Trinh (Austin, US)
Wood ear and cloud ear mushrooms

I bought shredded wood ear and cloud ear mushrooms from Forest Mushrooms with a good price for a high quality of both kinds of dried mushrooms. The order came quickly with a reasonable shipping fee. When I soaked these mushrooms before using them in my cooking I found out that they are well trimmed and cleaned. I highly recommended their products to everyone who loves to cook with mushrooms. I’m looking forward to shopping for mushrooms with Forest Mushrooms again. Thank you for your good service.

Julia Bamberger (Lenexa, US)
Great Quality Cloud Ears

I purchased a pound of dried cloud ears. The bag contained very uniform, perfectly sized pieces. The quality is outstanding. After rehydrating and rinsing, they were ready to use. No trimming needed. Everyone agreed that the texture and taste of these cloud ears added to stir fry dishes were great.

Lawrence Nelson (Clive, US)
Nice product

My cloud ear mushrooms are great, they arrived in excellent condition and am
very happy with me purchase