Cultivated dried mushrooms

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, whole (bulk)

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, whole (bulk)
Note:  Buy Forest Mushrooms' whole dried shiitakes in bulk here, starting at one half pound. Sliced dried shiitakes are also available in 1 oz bags and in bulk quantities starting at half a pound. To buy our sliced dried shiitakes, click here.
Prized for centuries in the Orient, the shiitake (pronounced she-TAH-keh) mushroom has a hearty flavor and meaty texture. Its Japanese name means "oak mushroom." Shiitakes are valued in Japan for their taste and heralded for their healthful effects. They are believed to help reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure and stimulate the immune system.
Shiitakes are delicious with baked fish, in omelets or in soups and stir-fry dishes. Try substituting rehydrated shiitakes for all or part of the beef in your favorite stroganoff recipe.
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Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, whole (bulk)

Great value

We searched for dried Shitake and both quality and price varied a lot....then my wife found the Forest Mushrooms online store and we bought 1lb for a lot less than most other sellers were selling for.
When the package arrived we were totally happy!
I highly recommend purchasing from Forest Mushrooms - great prices, great quality, and fast turnaround on the order!!!


I have not started to use the mushrooms but they look good, the color and size are consistent and there is very little debris. I placed them in storage bags and in the freezer. I think the price was very good and I am happy to buy an American product.
I will definitely come back for more.
The mushrooms are for my own use so it will take a while. Louis Wanat

Very happy

They are a nice size

Great products!

Fell in love with these dried mushrooms!