Cultivated dried mushrooms

Dried Shiitake Organic USA Mushrooms, whole (bulk)

Dried Shiitake Organic USA Mushrooms, whole (bulk)
Prized for centuries in the Orient, the organic shiitake (pronounced she-TAH-keh) mushroom has a hearty flavor and meaty texture. Its Japanese name means "oak mushroom." Shiitakes are valued in Japan for their taste and heralded for their healthful effects. They are believed to help reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure and stimulate the immune system.
Organic shiitakes are delicious with baked fish, in omelets or in soups and stir-fry dishes. Try substituting rehydrated organic shiitakes for all or part of the beef in your favorite stroganoff recipe. These mushrooms are grown and dried in the USA Certified by Oregon Tilth
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Customer Reviews

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The Freshest and The Best

I am a new customer and use shiitake mushrooms as part of my wellness plan. These dried organic shiitakes are tasty right out of the bag! I will be sure to order more as needed. No more imported questionable sources for me. Forest mushrooms are truly the best!

nice fresh mushrooms

been looking for organic shitake that's not from china and am glad I found these -product of USA!

Hazel from Ireland

I was so happy to finally come across organic shiitake mushrooms grown in America. For the last while I have only been able to find Chinese shiitake and they always seemed flat to me. But these mushrooms from Forest Mushrooms taste marvellous. Even before I tasted them I could see visually they were a far superior mushroom and of a much higher standard. So I am a very happy customer and will keep buying from Forest Mushrooms. I would highly recommend any mushroom lover to buy these over any Chinese versions. You will notice the difference immediately.

Quality Shiitake Organic Mushrooms

The best mushrooms I have ever tasted. I will buy again.

The best ever Shiitake!

We have been looking for safe,clean and tasty Shiitake mushrooms which we can buy directly from a farm in North America. So we are so happy to find Forest Mushrooms! The organic Shiitake came without stems and didn't see any dirt or leaves on them,so we could see how they grew in the clean environment and harvested them carefully.The flavor of Shiitake mushrooms from Asian countries are sometimes too strong and stinky(even to me,an Asian),but the ones from Forest Mushrooms have milder flavor,so we are so satisfied. Thank you,Forest Mushrooms. Please keep growing the high quality Shiitake mushrooms for your favorite customers!