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Dried Porcini Powder - 1 lb jar

Dried Porcini Powder - 1 lb jar
We offer extra fine porcini mushroom powder, available in convenient non-breakable jars for your pantry, each containing 1 pound (16 oz) of dried porcini powder. This is a wonderful way to infuse your favorite dishes with the coveted flavor of porcini! 
You can use this finely sifted powder to add a rich, nutty flavor to smooth, savory sauces or soups. Or sprinkle to taste as a seasoning on mashed or roasted potatoes. Make a delicious dry rub for steaks before grilling by mixing porcini powder with coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
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Customer Reviews

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Shelley (Baltimore, US)
Really nice additon to our pantry

We have only tried it once so far. We coated our steak with the Porcini powder and it added a very nice rich flavor to it.

Sandra (Bolingbrook, US)
Good flavor

I use this to make a hot sipping drink. The powder is fine enough to dissolve well, and the flavor is good.

Karl Dziura (Conway, US)
Great Product and Price

I've used these in sauce and mashed potatoes. They add great umami and flavor using small quantities: 1-2 tablespoons.

Roberta Delfun (Saint Paul, US)
2nd purchase

Bought as a gift

Pam Ososky (Shutesbury, US)
Awesome product!

I am a forager and love eating mushrooms. One of my favorite is porcini. This powder is an easy and delicious way to spark up soups and gravy. I made a delicious vegetable stew and made the sauce with the powder, a little tomato paste, garlic, wine and some herbs. SO easy and yummy! No grit in the product at all!